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The 3rd generation two LED soft surgery plexr lift plasma pen,K80
  • Brand : CYM
  • Model Number : K80
  • Product Size : L88mm * W60mm
  • Color : Blue & White
  • Language : English


The 3rd generation two LED soft surgery plexr lift plasma pen


For wrinkle remove, eye lifting, stretch marks remove, skin neoplasm remove and spot remove.

Specification ( with lab video )

Power 2.4W-3W
Frequency 58KHz-68KHz
Adaptor 12V / 1A
Voltage 5V
Level 2
Output Waveform

3rd plasma pen advantage

1. Two treatment assist LED light
2. Internal circuit board, battery, control chip both have upgrade to avoid trigger buttom sinking down does not work
3. CE certificate Clas 1 (EMC + LVD)
4. Medical CE certifficate Clalss 2 ( EMC + SAFETY )
5. RoHS certificate
6. MSDS report
7. Offer EU,UK,USA recharge plug adapter
8. More years professional export experience let you got package easy
9. Accept OEM order as your requirements according quantity

Training and user manual

We offer English user manual teach how to use machine but not offer treatment training.

Currently all EURO countries we all have distributors and cooperate with train school, they could offer both machine and training, if any needed we could offer contact and recommendation.


Needle is disposable / consumable need to repace after each client use. 100pcs/box each box US$150 do not with shipment. Original machine come with 3pcs needle as test.

Needle buy 10 boxes get 1 box free.

The 3rd generation two LED soft surgery plexr lift plasma pen,K80

Warranty and services

Offer one year warranty, we charge for quality problem within one month, do not accept return. Leave message will get respond and solution within 24 hours


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