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Multi language skin analyzer, skin observed system K19
  • Brand : CYM
  • Model Number : K19
  • Product Size : 17*11.5*7 cm
  • Color : Champagne, red
  • Language : English


Multi language skin analyzer, skin observed system

Skin observed system using high resolution scope to capture sample skin from customers' face, throguh CCD ship and analysis system give skin problem by different item. Machine come with products recommend function, according tto skincare cosmetic features and skin problem give correct recommendation. Skin analyzer with completely customers manage system, save all members information and detecting record. Report can be saved and printed.

Currently report including

Comprehensive Report
Moisture, Skin oil, Texture, Collagen fiber, Wrinkle, Pigment, Sensitive, Pore



Comparing with skin analyzer in the market, below item are our unique advantage

- Save all customers information and test record
- Allow input skincare cosmetic products and recommend as detecting result
- Support OS: XP/Win7/Win8/WIn10, regular offer free upgrade after purchase
- Security key ( encryption key ) inset never lose
- Report can be saved and printed
- Language, logo, color, report item and software can be OEM

Report analysis

Each single report give details explaination about the reason to cause skin problem, offer daily skin care tips, expert advise and professional skin care advice
The expert advise and professinal skin care advice can be changed, you can add your products recommendation here and display to customers in same page with report.

Technique reference:

Item No. K19
Name Skin observed system
Size 17*11.5*7 cm
Package size                           20*22*8.8 cm
N.W 0.15kg
G.W 0.5kg
Report 8 single report + comprehensiev report
Support OS XP/Win7/Win8/Win10
Plug USB connective
Language English, Spanish( other language can be OEM )



Once get the machine we wil also offer software, one bottom to install in computer then connect skin analyzer with computer can be work. On home page can see a prodcuts input function, edit your products information here, after customers detecting the report will display your products recommendation together.

To many skincare cosmetic distributors, our skin analysis system with backup and restore function, you input one time skincare cosmetic information then backup it, share to other people who use this machine they will restore it, and system all with same products recommendation.

About OEM

Skincare cosmetic distributors and beauty salon are best appliane for this machine, according to different country customers needed we can do OEM basic on MOQ 200pcs, language, report item, software, color, logo, package ... everything can be OEM. About language translation we will ask customers assistant. If need to add your products information on software also we can do it.

Warranty & services

Skin observed system offer one year warranty, free offer software services forever. Regular offer system upgrade link, regular customers can select if do the upgrade.

 Multi language skin analyzer, skin observed system K19Multi language skin analyzer, skin observed system K19Multi language skin analyzer, skin observed system K19Multi language skin analyzer, skin observed system K19Multi language skin analyzer, skin observed system K19Multi language skin analyzer, skin observed system K19

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